Debt Manager & Tracker Pro

Debt Manager & Tracker Pro

Debt Manager & Tracker Pro

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Debt Manager & Tracker is designed to track money owed to you and by you, recording details of each transaction and providing information to aid you in finance and budget related activities.

Fast, stable and requiring minimal permissions to run. Debt Manager is constantly being improved with new features, so download now to start tracking your debts!

Pro features:
• Unlimited Partial Payments
• Messaging
• Ad-free
+ all future Pro features

Standard features:
• Track money owed to/by you
• Grouped by debtor/creditor/individuals
• Multi-currency capable
• Calendar entries and reminders
• Transaction history
• Debt Summaries per currency
• User Summaries per currency
• Available in; Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Want to try before you buy? Get the standard version then upgrade to unlock Pro features.

3.3.5-paid (104)
- First release